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Forum Announcement: Forum Archive
Back in the beginning of 2013, VGFacts was launched as a collaboration between DidYouKnowGaming and The Spriters Resource and aimed to be the definitive source of video game trivia on the internet. Over the years, the site really started to show its age and took a back seat to other projects but for the last year or so, Dazz and I have been working on a new version which we're hoping will once again serve as a resource as well as a source of entertainment for years to come. This new version uses the IGDB API to make the submission process significantly easier and even better, through a partnership with them, VGFacts trivia will be featured on IGDB as well.

With all of that said and much to our dismay, forums have all but been replaced by other forms of communication and we felt it was best to separate the new site from the stagnating codebase of MyBB. As a result, the site will not have an accompanying forum. If you had an account here before the new site launched, it was automatically migrated to our new user system and you can log in there with the same username and password. New users can register directly on the new site. This forum will be kept in this archived state as it's still an important part of the site's history though no interaction besides browsing will be available (as we did with the DYKG forum).

We're very nearly done with this new version and we look forward to seeing you over there soon!