Full Version: Edits/Adding on to trivia?
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Hey, I was just wondering if editing could be done to trivia I have submitted?
This one that I submitted for Melee has somethings wrong with it.
"Ness' Yoyo says "Dolphin Loop. Nintendo 2001." on the front, a referencing the Gamecube's codename 'Dolphin'."
Right before the word Nintendo, Hal lab is right before it, but is almost illegible because it's written as one word.
Also I wrote "a referencing" instead of "referencing."
So it should read:
"Ness' Yoyo says "Dolphin Loop. Hallab Nintendo 2001." on the front, referencing the Gamecube's codename 'Dolphin'."

Yes and no.

When on a piece of trivia, you can click the black flag to send a report on any mistake you find. This could be a spelling mistake (which a lot of the trivia does), adding on to the trivia, or even disproving trivia you can prove is wrong. If it's something small, I don't expect them to get to it really fast (them being busy and all), but it is worth trying to bring it to their attention.