Full Version: Shadow the... Tenrec? (Not confirmed, still needs solid proof)
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(if this is not where I should be posting it, then I am fine with it being locked/moved elsewhere)

[Image: CjLxvp2.jpg]
[Image: Lowland-streaked-tenrec-eating-worm.jpg]

Tenrecs are an example of convergent evolution (ie the independent evolution of similar features in species of different lineages, meaning two species can look similar and even confused for being the same but are in fact two different entirely species.)

The Tenrecs are also sometimes called "fake hedgehogs" as they do resemble actual hedgehogs.

The picture I posted is the Lowland streaked Tenrec, which has a color scheme much like that of Shadows (whom has red streaks instead of yellow). It can also play into the "fake hedgehog" comments made in SA2, making them (unintentionally) literal and can also be another play on Shadows name.

Unfortunately, this is the part where I have to state this isn't anything official and is merely speculation.
I figured that making a thread about this might actually help bring some answers, either proving or disproving it.
This is... wow. This is nuts! This is the first time I've heard of this. Maybe Sega did base Shadow off of this. But, you can't be too sure. Could be a coincidence.
Hey bud, look at the time this was posted. That was November of last year on the twenty fifth. This thread doesn't matter anymore. Please, don't bring it back up unless you have something important to say in regards to it. Its VERY annoying and people have gotten banned over things like that.