Full Version: I'm outta here, see ya everyone.
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I just don't come on at all anymore because I'm usually busy with work or playing games instead of reading the forum I haven't been actively present in this forum for what seems like almost half a year now, so yeah. I will be deleting my account maybe I'll be back but I probably won't. So with that said goodbye everyone it was nice knowing all of you.

Edit: It would be quite nice to actually know how to delete my account but i don't and I figure an admin or moderator could probably just finish the job for me, so thanks in advance to whoever deletes my account.
Why delete your account? At least then, if you come back, we know its not someone trolling, claiming its you.
Well I guess while my account still exists I'll answer you; let's just say you'll know since I don't think any troll will be able to emulate my personality well enough and trolls don't have my past knowledge of stuff I've posted on the original forums, if I come back you'll know as I will be making it clear it's me.

Also as to why I don't think I'll be coming back and deleting my account for such purpose is because half the time I even think about coming on the forums anymore I see it as a chore instead of something I want to do, so if I do come back I'll probably be active again, but for now I find coming here doesn't intrigue me anymore.

Oh yeah and if you couldn't tell I'll still be reading this thread in specific until I feel there is no more to be read.
You probbly won't see this but I think it's fitting.

[Image: tumblr_lx3cpqEhWJ1qfwlyh.gif]

I hope to see you agien, Sir Fancy Crab.

Edit:I just read your last post. I now know that you have seen I will miss the fancy crab.
See ya, Cingchris, glad to have had your company this past year and a bit :)
Best of luck in your coming ventures then Chris, and may the lag be without you.
For a variety of reasons, we don't delete accounts outright. You are welcome to simply stop visiting if that's what you want but the account itself is staying.

That being said, good luck with life and such and take care.
Sir Fancy Crab, this tune be for you:

Specifically, "If you want to leave, take good care. I hope you make a lot of friends out there, but just remember there's a lot of bad and beware".
Well to be honest I am also not online that much anymore but I don't want to delete my account.
It was nice to have you around. Game well, padawan.
Ah damn, see ya man. Hope you have fun without us.
First Life of Brian and now this D: All dem feels, can't handle 'em!

Sad to see you go, man. Farewell.
You'll be missed, good sir.
So long, man. It was nice reading you ;).
Bye bye :(
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