Full Version: What are you listening to right now?
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Smooth Crimanal. Has anyone ever look up the lyrics to that song. I feel sorry for liking it, but I am also not sorry. It is a great song.

"90s Alternative Radio" on Pandora. Currently 'Californication' is on. So far, it's been a good mix this morning.

(08-14-2013, 07:09 PM)Ghost Nappa Wrote: [ -> ]For some reason, these songs get stuck in my head when I hear them. I don't know why.

One of my favorite bands for at least 10 years now!
Guys can we please spoiler videos. My poor computer can't take the load times a lot of the time.

Oh, and you guys should check out Nujabes if you listen to this piece and my comment.
Just bought that awesome album. I already own The Modern Dance, Dub Housing and Raygun Suitcase from Pere Ubu.
I've been a HUGE fan of Infected Mushroom for last few months. My favorite Metal and Alt bands are currently between albums right now, so I've been left to improvise with music. I've discovered genres of music, that to me, are the "Heavy Metals" of their respective genre. Something about it. The passion. The power. The consistency. It's what I like to see in metal, but in a different genre.

"Metal" Techno.

"Metal" Rap.
It helps I've been borrowing my girlfriends music. She likes rap. Every now and then something good would come up and finally I was like "Dude, I'm out of music. I've overheard everything I like. I need something new. Do you have rap that's fast, hard and clear?" and she started me off with Worldwide Choppers so I could hear a bunch of famous, fast, clear rappers. It's intense. Li'l Wayne? No thanks. Tech N9ne? Yes please.
I'm listening to The Mark, Tom and Travis Show while playing WoW with my boyfriend. WoW is also turned up haha.
Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane

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