Full Version: Lt. Vasquez LIVES
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Any Modern Warfare players out there? I really don't play the series. But a while back, I found out that a Lt. Vasquez exists in the first game. And coincidentally enough, he exists. He's my grandfather, who was also a lieutenant in the Marine Corps. But he's a retired Vietnam veteran. And looks nothing like the in-game Vasquez.
Got some source for that?
I hate to break it to you, but I don't think your grandfather is the guy they are "referencing", unless Infinity Ward says otherwise. "Vasquez" isn't that uncommon of a name.
Im just saying that it's a big coincidence. There really isn't a source. I mean, I doubt I can get a hold of IW to talk with my grandfather.

And even if I did, it's not something big. Not like it's gonna be a major topic on a Modern Warfare forum or anything.
However much this would be cool, I have a friend called Alex Mason off whom Black Ops is most definitely not based.

Most likely a coincidence unless there is a visual resemblance and preferably confirmation from Infinity Ward.
It is coincidental. But more so since my grandfather was a lieutanant in the Marines. And, to be honest, their's no real resemblence. He didn't look that intimidating or old.
Its a nice thought but I don't think we can use that then man.
Probably not.