Full Version: General opinion on spinoffs
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Let me elaborate on what I'm looking for here. I want to know what do you guys think a spinoff should be like. Should it be just like the main series with only minor differences and maybe different characters? Are you okay with a spinoff that strays from the original genre or tries something new?

This all comes from the late outrage in the Silent Hill fan community about Silent Hill: Book of Memories which is a dungeon crawling horror game with RPG elements for the PS Vita. It seems like the "fans" are unable to accept that a Silent Hill title is something other than the one and only survival horror format.

Then there are people like me who really don't care if a spinoff has a completely new take on the series because, you know, they're spinoffs. I've played and enjoyed every single spinoff in Resident Evil and there's dozens of them ranging from a light gunner to a strategic mobile game.
I find spin-off to be really enjoyable since most of the time it takes a break from the series and changes it uniquely and gives the series a whole new perspective.

but then other times....

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