Full Version: Saints Row 3/Punisher? (Got a problem)
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Got a bit of a dilemma on this piece.

THQ, prior to bankruptcy, owned Volition, who made the Saints Rows series and also a Punisher game in 2005.

Saints Row 3 referenced the Punisher by having a group of Newspaper clippings which could be found in Kinzie's Warehouse. These clippings are from the Punisher Comics.
[Image: urFrygF.png]
The texture for this is sadly low-res, but the upper right corner is pretty easy to tell. It's a panel from "Punisher: Welcome Back Frank Part 4" in which the Punisher punches a Polar Bear.
[Image: q3UTTos.jpg]
Even took a small photo a good time ago when I first noticed it.
[Image: Fdfvh18.jpg]

Seems pretty cut and dry, except I tried to record a video of this just today when I noticed nobody sent this in.

[Image: BT70uMh.jpg]
All the clippings had been changed, but the red marker had been left.

SR3 came out in November 2011, but THQ went under almost an entire year after that, and then the rights finally went over to Deep Silver in 2013.

I can't find anything official about it, even in patch notes and such, so I'm guessing this was just a stealth thing done during the liquidation process, as THQ/Volition probably lost the Punisher video-game rights and Volition went to Deep Silver.

Problem is, no solid proof beyond "there was a thing here, but now it's gone."
I'm a bit confused as to how I would submit this, if it's still applicable.
Well, if we can find it in a version of the game that has not been updated, we could verify it for sure. I think Karakiro Kid has it, but he got internet for his home a few weeks ago if I remember correctly, so that's probably an updated version of the game now.
Well, someone could go on Pirate Bay or something and download an old version, just to prove this trivia.
(05-04-2014, 08:32 AM)VegetarianBoy Wrote: [ -> ]Well, someone could go on Pirate Bay or something and download an old version, just to prove this trivia.

That would be illegal.
Maybe the files are still in the game.

I found a video from 2011 though.

I did just get internet a few weeks ago, but I'm finished with the game. No zeal to play it anymore. Is there any way I can undo the update?

Hey, Mr.Eternal, I think you ran off Vegetable Dude off with that reply. He hasn't been back.
Beats me.

Maybe a console version without allowing an update might work, but I have no capture-card for a console.
I just deleted all my updates for saints row 3 and went to the exact place and found nothing. Did this on PS3 btw
Remember how I said that something happened and I lost all profiles, save data, updates, and Minecraft???

I'll try to get around to checking this out on the Xbox 360 version.
Guess while the thread is alive again:

Turns out it's not just the comic panels, but the entirety of the newspaper clippings that are lifted straight from Volition's The Punisher game, goofy headlines and all. You can see them all here.