Full Version: Fire Emblem Trivia
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So there aren't enough fire emblem series facts at all

Serenes Forest is a great website with tons of stuff about the fire emblem series, including facts

now i'm not too sure which of them would be actually interesting enough to be put on the website/which are "vgfacts material" which is why i'm giving you guys the list of stuff there is

Pre-release changes
Recurring elements in the series
Unused content
Mythology references 123
Common misconceptions
Designer Notes
Fire Emblem 64 (some information about the canceled game)
Cameos of FE in other games
How the hit percentage system lies to you in fire emblem 6 to 13
Theory about the true identity of the black knight from FE9/10
Here are some of the more interesting things (for me anyway :P):

~Interchangeable Fire Emblem
~22 use "Helarn" staff for infinite weapons
~Recurring unused watch staff (several)
~Unused FE5 holy weapons (Val/Fala flame and other holy weapons)
~FE8`s FE7 unused/dummy`d items (and Alacalibur)
~Unused S rank weapons in PoR
~Chibi and Adult Sanaki map model textures
~Shadow Dragon was supposed have My Unit/Avatar
~25+ unused songs (FE10)
~ Actual FE10 supports >.>