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While roaming the ruins of Washington D.C., the player can find the "Captiol Post" building located in L'Enfant Plaza. In the basement of said building is a corpse with its head positioned on the floor in front of it. The name given to the body was "Gibson". Gibson's inventory consist of the following: 5.56mm Rounds x19, Dirty Pre-War Businesswear, Gibson's Key, and Gibson's Scrap of Paper. The scrap of paper has the following message, "Search the house!" Sound familiar?

This is a reference to the game Snatcher created by Hideo Kojima and produced by Konami for the PC-8801, MSX 2, PC Engine, Mega-CD/Sega CD, Playstation/PSX, and Sega Saturn. The scene takes place very early in the game after the main character, Gillian Seed, answers a distress call from fellow Junker Jean Jack Gibson. Gillian comes to Jean's aid, but finds him dead with his head twisted off onto the floor. Searching Jean's clothing twice Gillian finds two items: a key and a scrap of paper with "Search the house!" written on it.


Fallout wikia (ctrl+f: Snatcher)
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Ooh, Let's not forget the various Monty Python references. To my knowledge, there's two Holy hand Grenade items you can obtain in New Vegas and one of the older, top down games. Need a bit of confirmation on that.