Full Version: Firefox help.
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So, to keep a long story short.

My computers PSU is cheap and shitty and sometimes won't power the graphics card to output onto the monitor and I'm forced to switch back to the original motherboard.

This wasn't that big of a problem as it would do it once every month or something and I could fix it easily, but for some reason it's become worse.

"Fixing" it would involve me turning my computer on and off until it would start powering the graphics card, which would mean that I would have to deal with system restorations and such and such.

One system restoration took 20 minutes, and finally when I got back to my computer I opened firefox and all my addons are gone, but in a very weird way.

One of my addons is to revert the Firefox UI back to how it was before they updated it, the weird thing is that, that addon is still in place but it is not stated that it is in place when I check my addons.

Another weird thing is that a lot of the other addons don't work, I have one addon that shows a flag next to the web adress which shows where the site originates from, but for some reason it doesn't show that addon anymore.

What's even weirder is that whenever I try to install any more addons they aren't installed and don't show up, BUT they seem to work in very weird ways. I have a "Do not track me" addon which does what you'd expect, but that is installed and works but doesn't show up on my addons, but something like "popup blocker" doesn't work yet comes up as being there when I right click a page.

It's very confusing and I do not know what kind of problem this is.

I'm thinking of just downloading a new Firefox and starting again, but is there anything I could do to salvage this?

Incidentally, Firefox has also stopped saving past sessions that I quit out of, so if I had 7 tabs opened and my computer suddenly shut off, it would keep them saved on the recent list, BUT my history is still there.
Yeah, fixed the problem. Just downloaded Firefox again and upgraded it.

Worked fine.

I'd lock this, but I can't so I reported it.