Full Version: Xannidel's livestream shenanigans!
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You thought it was gone...You thought that I would stop...The thread shall live on!
Also anyone from DYKG forums would either be glad or facepalm that I am bringing this here. Oh well.

Here is my Twitch: My twitch is

Derp forgot my Facebook page:

My schedule (heh, like I ever had one to begin with) is random, or non existent, but I do want to start streaming more frequently because my internet has been fixed, again if you were a DYKG member then you would hear this CONSTANTLY, so this means I can POSSIBLY have guests join me as well which could make my streams more enjoyable. Who knows. I will update this whenever I can with updated news and future streams and what not.
Count me in the faceplamming camp. (I kid) The Scratches stream was awesome. Which reminds me; we should get the shameless self-promotion thread up and running too.
Having seen some in the past, I can say that these are worth watching.
I believe I have a blind stream idea for next week, I am still unsure if I want to stream by myself or not because it will be blind that might just add to the stream.
Well, I guess you got a new watcher :)
Awesome news indeed =]
I will either scare people away or draw them in.
The game I am planning on streaming next is: Miasmata
BumblebeeCody: \ [Image: ResidentSleeper.png] /
I am actually thinking about streaming Miasmata today.
(03-17-2013, 08:09 AM)Xannidel Wrote: [ -> ]I am actually thinking about streaming Miasmata today.

BumblebeeCody: \ [Image: pogchamp.png] /
(03-17-2013, 08:09 AM)Xannidel Wrote: [ -> ]I am actually thinking about streaming Miasmata today.

Aw man, I hope I make back home in time to catch it.
What's your timezone and when will you be back?
(03-17-2013, 08:18 AM)Xannidel Wrote: [ -> ]What's your timezone and when will you be back?

I'm in Central time, I'm leaving at about noon-ish and I should be back home around 2pm.
Hmm I am in the EST so I believe I am just an hour ahead of you so streaming around 3 might work.

Going to be streaming FTL for an hour or so shortly.
As someone whose mind uses a 24 hour clock, I now think you're streaming at 3am
Seems I can't re bump this thread myself when I have updates so I might have to ask random people to bump for me so I can then bump it for the updates. A tad silly but oh well.
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