Full Version: Anyone going to PAX East this weekend?
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(03-22-2013, 12:56 AM)CzarDragon Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-21-2013, 09:40 AM)Beware of Cuccos Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-21-2013, 09:24 AM)CzarDragon Wrote: [ -> ]I live near Dallas, so I'm too far away to attend PAX prime or PAX East without spending serious cash.

I wish I could go to one of them sometimes. I usually go to the anime conventions around here, but I volunteer so I don't have to pay for anything.

Are you going to Texas Frightmare Weekend?

Yes. I'm pretty excited about it!

Me too!! It will be my first con of any kind. I'm so stoked!
(03-21-2013, 03:36 PM)A Zombie Riot Wrote: [ -> ]Can I have money that never ends like that?

The biggest convention that I want to go to is E3. ESPECIALLY this year. But of course, That requires lots of things that I don't have... so I'm stuck watching it on TV like every other year. :(

E3 and Blizzcon!!
I wish I could go to E3 this year, that would be awesome!
If VGFacts gets big enough, I'd like to do coverage of a few conventions in the future.
(03-22-2013, 04:23 PM)Dazz Wrote: [ -> ]If VGFacts gets big enough, I'd like to do coverage of a few conventions in the future.

That sounds awesome!

So the second day was awesome and I saw 7 people I knew, 6 from YouTube and 1 from real life. The 6 were the 3 guys from Mega64, IHasCupquake and her husband, and Pete Fucking Dorr! So basically Me and my 2 brothers were walking around doing PAX-y things, then we got bored and decided to hunt down Pete Dorr, so we did. First we walked around looking in places he would be and one of my brothers saw him at the WiiU section but he was going the other way, my bro yelled out to us that he saw him, I looked back and saw his head. We tried too follow but lost him. Later on I saw him rounding a corner near the Street Fighter area but when we went around we couldn't see him. Eventually we were waiting in line to play Super Time Force, but he walked by and started playing Nun Away, so I walked over and started playing next to him. When he was done he walked down the hall and went to a different booth, so I followed. This went on for a couple booths until I had to go. I just followed him very creepily and didn't say a word. eventually my brothers wanted to leave so that was the last time. But I played a game called PWN next to him (he played and I watched then I played and he watched) and then Seed which I played right next too him. I was way too nervous to talk to him but if I see him tomorrow (Sunday) I'm definitely talking to him.
Off to PAX day 3hree
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