Full Version: A thread for spelling or grammatical errors
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I was looking through some of the Trivia for Persona 4 arena and realized a possibleĀ small spelling error in the fact about the Dojima's. I say possible because I never played the original Persona 4 game butĀ unless Nanako was originally called Naniko, the spelling of her name is incorrect. I thought for a moment that perhaps I would just make a small report about this so it could be corrected, but I thought that since we all make mistakes it would be better if we had a thread about spelling or grammatical errors that some of the facts might have currently, or for facts that are to come in the future. So, if you know of anything that has a problem like this, feel free to post it here. If for reason though this isn't allowed or it already exists, please do with this thread what needs to done. Please and thank you.
I've corrected grammar on some of them before with the report button before.
Reporting is the best way of handling this sort of thing, and we super appreciate the effort of doing so. Reporting let's us see the exact trivia you intend to have changed, and you can explain what's wrong with it. :)