Full Version: a little Zelda Trivia
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Hello, KenjiGoombah here. We all love the legend of zelda series for its creative use for adventures, fighting, exploring, and so on. But lets go back to 1988, where the first legend of zelda had just released. They had a lot of stuff a gamer or kid anyones age never saw before. Whats the trivia? you may ask, well its goes about the Keese. or as some rage gamers put it, That (Bleep)ing annoying rat thing. On the manual, it says it hates high noises, and we never found out what that meant. But, it goes back two years before, when the first japanese zelda released. It had a bulit in mic the player can use to talk in, and.... when keese are around, they die to the high noise the player makes! NOW YOU KNOW!

That wraps up our trivia for this week, ill be on the lookout for more trivia in video games, until then.... SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!
I really have no idea what is even going on here.
It seems that somebody thought they found one of most secretive things ever about Zelda and decided to share that with us here, not realizing that trivia was submitted a loooong time ago. Also he mixed up the Keese with Pol's Voice.
Already submitted

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