Full Version: This is very general, and I'm afraid it doesn't really fit into any one category
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So, this popped up in my Reddit feed, and it appears that the concept of mana comes from Pacific Islanders, where it literally meant "personal power".

I know this isn't a very good source, but if the site ever decides to do something over classic D&D style games or something else where mana started showing up, it could be worth looking into.
Anyone got any input on this?
That's a tough one. Maybe the powers that be can create a General Trivia" or something for stuff like this.
Or, do you think you can narrow it down to the first game mana appeared in? Dungeons and Dragons, maybe?
Maybe, but D&D isn't really a video game.
Throw it under Fable, then. Have we had a video on that series, yet?
Still too general and it'd probably be bad to attribute it to Fable specifically. Maybe something for if we have another religious influence video.