Full Version: Multiple Character References
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A quick question for a few of my submissions.

I'm submitting a few bits of trivia for character references, like people that the characters were based off of.  If I have, for example, five characters from a game that I'm talking about would it be better to create 5 separate trivia entries; one for each character.  Or one long entry with all 5 characters?

I have seen both used elsewhere on the site, just wanted to know which is generally preferred by the staffers that have to slog through it or my fellow readers and purveyors.

I'm not any type of site staff, but if I were, I would prefer a single submission if it is simply
Character A is based off of AAAA.
Character B is based off of BBBB.
Etc, etc, etc.
If it came down to a paragraph or two explaining each reference, maybe seperate them for individual entries, but if it's basically a list, that seems to be easier.
Yes, the submission is not just a list.  It's like this...

Dudemeister is based off of a combination Alistair Dudemeister and Smythe Johnson.  Although named after Dudemeister, his fighting style is actually Johns-ryu, which was created by Smythe Johnson.  However the real Dudemeister never used Johns-ryu because he died twenty years before Smythe was born.

Da blah de blah...that but slightly better written and an actual character.
Alright. If your source has multiple links in the source, put a thread up here.

Its for collecting your trivia details.