Full Version: Friday the 13th:The video game
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It has been announced that a Friday the 13th video game(an official one mind you) has been announced. I was going to mention this in the kickstarter thread since it was a kickstarter project, but this is too big to just mention in one themed thread. It screamed for a thread of its own.

They got a lot of people on this, such as the composer of the film on it as well as some of the people who acted in the Friday the 13th movies. Thoughts? I have hopes for this. I hope this project can succeed.
Deja Vu.

Well, not exactly Deja Vu. I just remember about the other kickstarter called Last Year that was successful early this year.

Still, I'm sure this game is going to get a lot of hype since you can play as the iconic Jason.
Last Year is more of a 'homage' to Friday the 13th if you can look at it from that perspective. I really hope the gameplay for this is like Manhunt. Seriously. Something like that can work VERY WELL for Jason.
I wonder how Last Year is doing. I heard there was a backer update recently but I don't know what it contained.
(10-29-2015, 10:31 AM)Mass Distraction Wrote: [ -> ]An interview with the developer:

Nice little interview. Good to see that they were inspired to make an official game after they found out about the love letter game to them. The kickstarter is now at $558,368 dollars. And its got 15 days left. Its only a matter of time before we can see these guys succeed or not. 
Environment trailer.
(11-05-2015, 10:39 AM)Mass Distraction Wrote: [ -> ]Environment trailer.

Wow. It has that 'feel' like I'm walking through Crystal lake, with fear crawling behind my back as i watch every turn for Jason.
Ladies and gentlemen. It has succeeded.