Full Version: Laptop keeps freezing and fading to white.
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My laptop just suddenly froze and is fading to white. It is doing it repeatedly as I type this. Any ideas?

Its a Lenovo Z50, and I've never seen this before. I restarted after it happened and it seems to have stopped but its running notably slow now. I'm confident this will not be the last of this event.
How hot is it ?

Does the fading to white look like it's the screen (hardware), or something in Windows (software) ?
It started fading in Heroes. I alt+tab'd out of it and it looked fine then it started doing it again so I guess software.
I can't say for sure how hot it was.
I let it cool down and hopped on civ for a bit after with no problem.
Seems to be a weird reaction to a game.

Graphics cards, when they do have a problem, tend not to let you know gradually, it's more of a snap, or a glitchy disco on your screen.
It froze when it did it too, and it did it on the desktop as well. I think the table I had it on was absorbing its heat or something.
Happened again just now. Restarted just now and it hasn't happened since restart. Was near another computer since its a tiny table. Definitely think its heat related. Was playing Hearthstone.
Replied on VGR but yeah, sounds heat related for sure.
I'm going to get a cooling pad. Anyone got a suggestion for something relatively low profile that I could take with me to school? Something not too loud?

Running high performance with the charger in while browsing BBC as it turns out, is enough for this thing to start seeing white.
Have you opened it up to clean it? A cooling pad is a band-aid, not a permanent solution to a problem like this.
I guess I'll look up how to do that over spring break.
I don't know the cause, but at this point, I'm fairly confident that it has nothing to do with heating. It just did it at boot.
If it did it before you even hit Windows (like at your manufacturer splash screen but before the normal Windows loading screen), it implies a hardware fault, likely with your video card.
Doesn't surprise me honestly. Its working at the moment, but really slowly and the touchpad corrupted again. (5th time now.)

edit : As it turns out, it didn't corrupt this time. It just decided to turn off on its own.