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Have any of you guys been playing Fallout 4? I have and it's great, although I don't get all the flak the game's getting. I love most of the changes and quality of life updates they've added, and it's actually been running fairly well on my Frankenstein PC.

No throwing weapons are available though, so 2/10 worst than fantastic four silver surfer for the gameboy advanced.
My computer shouldn't be able to run it and I'm poor. Otherwise, I'd be playing it.
(11-17-2015, 08:38 AM)Psychospacecow Wrote: [ -> ]My computer shouldn't be able to run it and I'm poor. Otherwise, I'd be playing it.

Try it anyway.

I remember when Skyrim came out, they said the game couldn't run on the 256MB graphics my old laptop has. With all settings at their lowest, it ran just fine !

I played it for about 5 minutes, because I want to finish the Assassin's Creed series first, and it's looking good ! Still slightly miffed that my name isn't in the list of 1000. It's not that uncommon ! grumble grumble.
I played about 24 hours of it over the past 4 days. Honestly, I'm at a weird point where I'm not having that much fun with it, but at the same time still want to play.

I used to like exploring in Fallout to find new items, and new weapons, but for some reason everything I find it either worse than mine or just not useful at all, the legendary enemies are giving me terrible weapons or items when I defeat them, a lot of the quests aren't very interesting or are so short and easy they're hardly a quest. Caps are pretty much useless since I don't need to buy anything but ammo and I'm always selling stuff.

Usually at this point in the game I'd be ecstatic to find new things, but the limitations in the amount of things I can find is really hurting the game.

Finding several different pipe rifles from raiders or super mutants is really annoying. At least in New Vegas/3 you'd be able to find raiders using things you could sell or repair your guns with, but instead everything they use is useless.

I keep finding Power Armour, and currently have 8 sets of them at my base that I don't really want to use, and can't seem to tell people to get into so I've just left them standing in one of the houses.

The building aspect of the game is both fun and frustrating. The fact that you need to use Steel a lot is very annoying as you always run out, and for some reason if you by accident selected a wall that used 5 steel, you would only get 3 steel back when you scrap it, which makes no sense since it's a massive waste especially when it was an ACCIDENT to start with and you're losing pieces.

I just got to Diamond City, but it's not as amazing as it should be. I did my own thing for a long time, so I decided to do the main story before I left for uni, but only go as far as saving Nick Valentine before I had to stop.

I'm hoping it picks up because right now I'm doing the exact same thing again and again and it's not fun
Yeah I've put a day and a half into this game and only just gotten to Diamond City. I've explored so much of the game. Love going at a slow pace just finding stuff. It's nowhere near my Game of the Year though. That's reserved for Life is Strange.

Also, this games glitches:
Bought it and made the mistake of not checking the specs required.

I'm due for a new card... and a cpu fan that isn't stock.
(11-24-2015, 08:21 AM)retrolinkx Wrote: [ -> ]Once again I don't even know

The last one felt like something made me do that, like intentionally but whatever I'll post it.

Shot milk out my nose. That was bloody hilarious!
I have some more funny ones.

You can equip that armour onto Dogmeat you know. You just have to press Y on the item in his inventory.