Full Version: Super Mario RPG triva - Peach's XXX
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In Japan "XXX" is indicative of "___" or "???" in that it is meant to be a placeholder for whatever you think it is.

For example, the anime/manga "xxxHolic" features people who are addicted to various things, not porn. Well, porn might be one of the addictions (I have never watched the series, so I do not know), but that's not what the name means.

This really doesn't warrant a correction for the trivia though, as the context in the game makes it seem like it is supposed to be dirty. I just wanted to point out that the Japanese name for the game isn't automatically suggestive.
I believe if I have heard right it is Princess Peach special "Toy" Per say.
I mean considering the text afterwards, it's kind of a given ordeal. You assume what it is, and the subtexts are convincing it to what you assume is true.