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Well I had some trivia that I submitted for (of course) Goldeneye and I get the conformation PM that it was indeed accepted but I don't see it. I highly doubt it was called out for being false and if it was deleted for some odd reason, I would love to know why. Considering the trivia I post is of course legitimate and not random babel of out of a DMT inspired trip, so I posted this here because I'm sure the admins are flooded with PM's already. Also I love this idea of users being able to post trivia freely and completely avoiding the hassle of making a thread on DYKG and people bantering back and forth on weather or not its legit, it's a nice idea and it's well executed. Yes my name is a vidya game but hey it's my all time favorite and I still play it today. But I digress, so anyways if I could get a response on that missing trivia that would be grrreeeat.

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I wasn't involved in the removal of your trivia, but it appears to me that the trivia was combined with the already existing trivia to do with the dam, which causes a bit of a problem. You see, the way the system works prevents us from adding 2 names to a piece of trivia, so it comes out as credited to the original trivia's submitter.

DidYouKnowGaming appears to have removed your trivia, so we'll have to wait for his response to know exactly what's happened. But this seems like the most logical thing that's occurred. Either that, or the trivia was already in this submission, and yours came out as a duplicate and we didn't realize until after approving it.
I submitted that piece of trivia much earlier, around the time that the site was about to launch.

Goldeneye's trivia, which was posted much later after the site had officially opened, was if I recall about the same fact. It was reported for being a duplicate which is why DidYouKnowGaming took it down. I apologize if this has brought any confusion but you should always check to make sure that it hasn't already been posted by somebody else.
It was removed for being a duplicate submission, but it did have one line of information that KnowledgeBase didn't include, so I updated the original post.