Full Version: The Sexual Assault problems have found their way to the gaming industry
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Seems like every medium of entertainment is full of these assholes. A giant fuck you Weinstein, Andy Signore and Tyler Malka. They can all rot in jail for what they've done. Also, R.I.P. NeoGAF.
(10-22-2017, 02:35 AM)RepentantSky Wrote: [ -> ]Also, R.I.P. NeoGAF.

NeoGAF has been dead for a long while, my dude.
Devs and journalists were still using it, so it still had some uses. What little it was good for is over though.
Malka has responded to the claims of sexual allegations:

Personally, this whole statement seem pretty shaky. He starts off claiming the story doesn't match with the facts, which he provides none, instead claiming he's working on it, like what the hell was he doing all this time. He also claims that the woman who made the claim, was an ex, which doesn't matching anything related to the story at all. If the story we were told has any truth to it, they were by no means together. He then for some reason goes on to talk about how stressed he is, like anyone who cares about this issue is interested in that, or maybe they should feel sorry for him. He also goes one to talk about a side of the forums that has nothing to do with the issue at all, before kind of sort of going back to the topic as hand, but the words he uses sounds to me like his talking while saying nothing.

All I can say is for sure, at least for now, he has done nothing to help himself or fix the problem he's facing.