Full Version: Windows 10 Tablet Help
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I admitted defeat and called Microsoft Support and APPARENTLY they don't have tablet support (wtf?)
Might as well try here to see if anyone tried doing this.
With a Windows 10 tablet, if you tap something on the screen, it acts like clicking the left mouse button. If you hold, it acts like clicking the right mouse button. If you hold and move slightly to the right (or wiggle a bit) it acts like you are holding down the left mouse button. 
I would like it where if you hold on the screen it acts like you are holding down the left mouse button. Is there a way to do this? Everywhere I looked it seemed like no one can figure this shit out. 
Would like to know ASAP so I can get this new work classified project passed the prototype.
This'll sound dumb, but a stop-gap could be to plug in a USB mouse.

And then, what about just clicking and wiggling, so it inputs a left-click hold, and then doing what you want ?
We can't use a mouse since this is for a new controller/software at work. We want the tablet to be a touch screen interface connected to the machine. When we do the left click hold, it makes the machine manually move to where we want it to go.
I've already tried that. The hold for left is still not there.