Full Version: April 1st 2020 joke catalog
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Looks like we reached that time of the year, huh?

Capcom Celebrates April Fools Day with "Neco Drop" Puzzle Game Feat. All 40 SFV:CE Characters as Cats 

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon says Mileena will never be in another NetherRealm Studios game ever again

This one is a legit announcement, but I still think it belongs here. 

Something from Platinum Games.

Adult Swim 2020 April fools prank featuring Post Malone:

EDIT: Smashboards became Crashboards, in reference to a common criticism of the site's fragile servers. Playing on this, the site became themed around the Crash Bandicoot franchise, and all user icons were changed to various images of the series' titular protagonist.

Untitlted Goose Game Part 2 CONFIRMED

This seems like the best place to post this, so.... Happy 5th anniversary to this video!

Street Fighter II - Sheng Long is REAL 2015!