Full Version: Deltarune Tasque Meows
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In Chapter 2 of Deltarune, the player can encounter Tasques, cat enemies themed after browser windows. Throughout their fights, Tasques seem to meow repeatedly like a standard cat would; however, there's a deeper layer to this. In actuality, the Tasques are meowing in binary, with "me" representing a one and "ow" representing a zero. The quotes associated with this enemy are as follows:
  • meowowme owowmeow
  • meowowme meowmeow
  • meowowme owowowow
  • meowowow meowowow
  • owowowmememeowme owmemeowowmemeow owmeowmemeowmeow (which only appears when petting a Tasque)

By converting these instances of "me" and "ow" into 1 and 0, as mentioned, you get the following respective strings:
  • 01101101
  • 01100101
  • 01101111
  • 01110111
  • 11100010 10011001 10100101

These strings in turn respectively translate to "m", "e", "o", "w", and "♥".

Footage of various Tasque fights can be seen below. Most of the various quotes appear in the top video at 1:24:15, 1:33:17, 1:33:44, and 2:00:15, and in the bottom video at 1:09:00.