Full Version: Stuff About the Mario Kart Franchise That Should Be Talked About Someday
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Of all the stuff leaked in the past 2 years, Mario Kart 9 (aka the Mario Kart game of the Switch) is still yet to have an official announcement:
One of these leaks say that it had been in development as far back as 2018. Once an official announcement has been made, one of the things we'd likely be in for learning is the truth on how long the game had been in development for and why they hadn't made any official announcements up until then, of which might be worth posting about to VGFacts come then. Right now I don't even have any pending submissions, since I'm basically waiting for currently unannounced games like Mario Kart 9 to be announced before the next time I post (in addition to once some trivia worthy comes through about Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope).

Now to what this Trivia Evidence piece is to be about, being in regards to stuff about the Mario Kart franchise that's worth learning someday:

1. If it is indeed Hideki Konno's goal for there to be a new Mario Kart game with 16 or 20 NEW Nitro and Retro Tracks on every system.

2. How they decide upon the roster with each Mario Kart game, and as to why Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach were brought up.

3. How it's decided with which Retro Tracks are featured in the Retro Grand Prixs of each game, and as to how they decide with how many from each previous game get featured. Worth questioning it is as to why DS Waluigi Pinball was included in Mario Kart 7 though there was no Waluigi, and why all N64 Retro Tracks in Mario Kart 7 were those originally from the Mushroom Cup.

4. How they decide upon Items for each game. It’s a real mystery as to why the 3 New Items of Mario Kart Wii never had a comeback in later Mario Kart games.

5. Why Mario Kart 8's battle mode on the Wii U initially was on tracks to race on as opposed to Battle Arenas (tracks you could successfully drive around backwards in the whole way through).

6. If we can ever expect to see Double Dash gameplay, Mission Mode, Boss Battles and Unique Items for each racer again at any future point in the Franchise. Something we’re all wondering about.

7. If they'd always stick to 16 Nitro and Retro Tracks for each Mario Kart game, or if they’d love to feature 20 again like with Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart: Super Circuit one of these days.

8. If there's a solution for if we lost our Mario Kart 8 Highlight Reel Videos we uploaded to YouTube during the days when it was possible to do so, due to maybe losing our Youtube Channels or if we deleted the videos of them.

9. A number of things about Mario Kart Tour such as why it doesn't have anti-gravity and why each track has 2 laps as opposed to 3.

10. If we can ever expect any other Mario Kart games for mobile devices in the years to come.

Most importantly it's worth having an explanation as to why Switch Ports of Wii U games like Mario Kart 8 even exist, and to be assured that they weren't chosen to be done instead of new games for the specific franchises that they're in.