Full Version: Confusing Origins About This Piece of SM64 Trivia
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*It mentions that Boo's Laugh was created by speeding up Bowser's Laugh in Super Mario 64, of which would continue being mentioned in a fair amount of trivia videos during the 2010s, including one that's from DidYouKnowGaming. Recently I have come to learn that Bowser's Laugh was also altered, done by slowing down the laugh of what turned out to be done by the voice of Mario himself, of which continues expecting us to believe that there's no such person as Isaac Marshall:

I know well that every Mario Character since the series started using voice acting was voiced by someone, and that there's no way Mario's archnemesis would be a character that's unable to speak. I also know however that there are characters who's voices were created by using sounds from the Hollywood Sound Effect Library, Donkey Kong for instance uses this, of which had even been used for primates in other media such as Conga in Banjo-Kazooie:
So with this Trivia Dispute piece, what's more accurate, the trivia submission made by DidYouKnowGaming or the videos I have provided. If it's the latter then I guess the trivia submission from 2012 can be updated 10 years later to mention how both Bowser's Laugh and the cackling of the Boos are tweaked audio pieces, but that doesn't explain the two sound bytes that go in between with the attached audio.
Guess it wouldn't hurt for that SM64 Trivia Submission from 2012 to be left as it is, this one about a misheard line in the first Mario Party game was left as it is after all (though someday there may be a separate submission about Wario having originally been envisioned as being German):