Full Version: April 1st 2022 joke catalog
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Smashboards has become Nickboards, themed after Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. Users' avatars were changed into various Nickelodeon characters. They also wrote this article:

SmashWiki modified their website so that letters look like they are glitching out. Also, Obi-Wan Kenobi is coming to Smash after Sora.
Â̷̮̅̃d̶͖͊̔̔̃̈́̊̈́͗̕u̷̧͕̱̹͍̫̖̼̫̒̕͜l̴̦̽̾̃̌̋͋ṱ̵̩̦͎͐͝ S̷̩̝̜̓w̶̨̛͚͕͈̣̺̦̭̝̍̓̄̒̒́͘͜͠ȉ̷m: Special Broadcast

Every Glitch in Adult Swim’s 2022 April Fools

Now that's one way to promote Learning with Pibby.
rooflemonger made a video on The Greatest Story Ever Told In All of Video Game History:

RGT 85 is DONE With The Nintendo Switch And Video Games FOREVER:
Even thought its a legit video, the 4thSnake made a video talking about good retcons from the NetherRealm era of Mortal Kombat:
Welcome to the Cell Games!
Nerrel made an new series called The NFT Pals:

Nerrel Wrote:The next phase of entertainment is here. What if there were a way to build wealth during the traditionally passive activity of watching a show? Many believe that this dream has already become a reality, and with the NFT Pals you'll have a front row seat to the action. Do not hesitate- buy early, buy often.

AlternateHistoryHub made an Alternate Timeline Iceberg video:
Street Fighter 6 Ryu:

Introspektive shat on the Mario frnachise: