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Obvious Thread should have been made a while back.

My favs are Roserade,Venasaur,Persian,Gible and Hitmonchan
I like Sandshrew, Sneasel, Absol, Riolu/Lucario, and Keldeo.
I like Swampert, Gardevior, Dragonair, Umbreon, Slugmu, Heracross, etc.
Exeggutor is the answer to all your problems, unless you want a back massage.
I used to like Ampharos best, but lately I've taken to Archeops.

I also like Heracross, Gallade, Poliwrath, Quagsire, Eelektross, Sawk, and lots of others.
(03-17-2013, 03:02 AM)CzarDragon Wrote: [ -> ]I like Sandshrew, Sneasel, Absol, Riolu/Lucario, and Keldeo.

I agree on almost all of those :p. Lucario is so awesome.

Lucario, Charizard (I am original), Hitmonlee, Mew, Cyndaquill and Dratini
Tyranitar from the second generation.
My favorite type of Pokemon is a split between electric and fire Pokemon. My individual favorites are Gastly-Haunter, Raikou, Cyndaquil-Typhlosion, Rayquaza, etc.
Froakie or bust.

[Image: froakie_sprite_by_dancesofshadows-d5r21pb.png]
By default, I guess it's Magneton since I seem to be using that one the most. Plus, you can't go wrong with a metal/electric type. Then there are ones like Skarmory, Gyarados and Scyther. I really need that Soul Silver now.
Zubat, they were the original zerglings.

Squirtle, Abra, Raichu are also some of my favorites.
Manetric, Houndoom, Swampert, Breloom, Gallade, Seviper, Rayquaza and Gengar are some of my favorites.
My favourites are:

1. Lucario
2. Cyndaquil
3. Espeon
4. Crobat
5. Mr. Mime
6. Diglett

Who doesn't love Diglett?
(03-17-2013, 08:39 AM)Jordiebee Wrote: [ -> ]Who doesn't love Diglett?

I've already discussed my massive Furret boner, but aside from that I love me some Quagsire and Magmar.
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