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I have seen a LOT of very nice cosplays and costumes online, and I wanted to share some here. I have yet to cosplay myself, but I have had some awesome Halloween costumes.

How do you guys see cosplay and costumes? To me, cosplay is when you take time, energy, and money (if available) to put together a custom outfit of a character. Costume is when you have less time/energy/money so you wear a pre-made costume of a character (aka ME haha).

Post some pictures and videos of yourselves or stuff you find online of costumes and cosplay!

Wreck-It Ralph cosplay I found online
[Image: 942726_10200541400791107_75968407_n.jpg]
That's awesome. I've only ever done costume myself, not enough time, too lazy, etc.
Three weeks ago in France is saw this one o_O:
[Image: 200159_501406123257770_634778859_n.jpg]
70 Kg
I think it's pretty cool that people take all the time to make amazing costumes that usually look almost exact to the character. So I think it's pretty cool.
I once cosplayed as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts when I was twelve. I don't exactly remember if I had pictures for it.

Cosplaying ain't too bad but you shouldn't do ones that would otherwise wouldn't look right.
[Image: 17182_10200421117784107_1624663200_n.jpg]
If I had the talent for it I'd totally make costumes to cosplay; otherwise it's way too expensive. I'll have to look through pictures I have saved because I know I have some really neat ones.
[Image: presents_for_mr_j_by_ryoko_demon-d5pny8w.jpg]
[Image: in_a_twist_by_theprincessbee-d4ay7wc.jpg] [Image: Play_with_me_by_Ryoko_demon.jpg] [Image: The_Warden_of_Super_Jail_by_Muzickjunki91.jpg] [Image: The_Warden_has_a_Treat_for_You_by_PropMedic.jpg]

I'm going to marry this woman someday:
[Image: i__ll_fuse_those_demons_up_for_you_by_wo...4jzr67.jpg]
Those are so gooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is probably one of the best ones I have ever seen.

[Image: 530462_4663799266565_440137627_n.jpg]
(06-11-2013, 08:57 AM)Hexadecimal Wrote: [ -> ]Related:

That's so creepy. I already don't trust people, and that makes me not trust people even more.
This was the only one I could think of off-hand.

[Image: team_rocket_2.jpg]
Those wigs are amazing.
This lady is really amazing:

[Image: cc_mikevickers3_by_yayacosplay-d63ffwe.jpg]
[Image: darkstalkers___mvc3___felicia_by_yayacos...48fjp4.jpg] [Image: the_dimension_witch_by_yayacosplay-d4buz0o.jpg]
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