Full Version: Where do you see this site in 5 years?
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That's true. I've been part of the first forum I've ever been on for 10 years nearly, and it's pretty much dead at this point apart from around the 20-30 active members, but the saddest part is that the site is barely used if at all.

They all find it easier to talk in the discord with each other, and I don't really like that. I miss being able to talk to others on a forum just because you'd usually miss out on some conversations due to time zones, whereas a forum is perfectly fine for that kind of stuff.

Another annoying thing is that, while there were around 10 people actively posting on the forum, there were 30+ people in the discord who just don't have the time to post on the forums. That really pissed me off since I was trying my best to make threads and keep discussion going on the forums, but it didn't matter since the people who I thought left had in fact just been posting on the discord.

It's a shame forums are dying since it was a cool place to meet people online, I've met some good friends online and even on here. I may possibly meet them in real life if the chance arises, so it's such a shame that places like that are dying. Hell, Youtube is not longer a social site anymore and I miss that to death.
I think it's down to two main factors.

1. Forums in general are dying out in favor of subreddits/discords, as you guys have mentioned.

2. DidYouKnowGaming itself fell off hard from where it was 3~5 years ago. Those videos were everywhere and had views in the several millions. Now there's one or two each year that barely hit the 1 million threshold. Not trying to knock DYKG or anything, but in general it just has much less of a presence online.

I'm still posting stupid shit here and laughing at the Asian kid taking off his sunglasses, so good on ya guys. Here's to 5 more.
Sad state of things in my case is that I just really don't know what to say anymore. Always tired and a lot of the news sources I used to use for games have gotten really shitty over the last 5 years so my enthusiasm is typically really impromptu. Not to mention the occasional trivia that takes over a year to get accepted or denied. Giving up on trying to make a game after going through the hell that is 2 different programming classes and retaining none of them (alongside that whole debacle that was Gamesprout.) just kinda makes me feel dull when I'm around here. I just feel kinda burned out compared to back then. I still love everything and everyone involved, but man. It just ain't easy being excited anymore.
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