Full Version: Traditions?
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What are some traditions you and your friends/family have that you find interesting or unique? My friend and I have one where whenever one of us goes into town for something, we'll stop at a used game place and pick up a game that looks terrible that costs $3 or less, then later that week we'll pop it in and make fun of it. I can honestly say that Flow: Urban Dance Uprising is every bit as good as it sounds.
My family has absolutely no traditions. Yes we celebrate certain holidays, but we don't go all out, we just do them how we want to.
I have no recognised traditions with my (very small) family or friends(anymore). But I play Majoras Mask every Christmas.
My family has an odd tradition that if the first born child in the family is a boy, name them Charles. I had a great-grandpa Charles, grandpa Charles and an uncle Chuck. It gets confusing.
My family started playing video games in like 1987. Me and my family play lots of video games.

I guess that counts as a tradition.
My family has a tradition of military and government service on one side, and near stereotype Louisiana redneck behavior on the otherside, with lots of fun in between.
We have a lot of traditions. Mostly involving various holidays and food.
(06-26-2013, 07:55 AM)Beware of Cuccos Wrote: [ -> ]We have a lot of traditions. Mostly involving various holidays and food.

Same here - many traditions revolving around food and merrymaking (the best kind of tradition !).
My family still has a couple that come to mind. Every year before Halloween, we go to the same pumpkin patch that we've been going to for years to get pumpkins for the front of the house (as well as go through their "haunted house" and the hay ride to the field of pumpkins) and then eat at the same restaurant. The day has shifted more to be about going out to eat in later years but it's still a good time.

And on Christmas morning, my mom and I (and sometimes my brother) always watch the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol.

That's all I can think of at the moment besides yearly Thanksgiving dinner at my great aunt's house but that one seems like it would be more commonplace (maybe not the great aunt part but the regular location for that dinner if you celebrate it).
Uhh... My wife and I watch Die Hard at Christmas time?
My family don't really have any traditions (unless going to a market town car boot every Sunday counts) but I have a fair few that gathered throughout the years:

- On a Friday evening, I would have a Chinese curry from the local takeaway, failing a Friday due to illness or other reasons, this would be changed to Sunday evening or in event on a holiday, the first Friday when I come back. Well this is started from the mid-90s and people go on about people eating fish and chips on a Friday.
- For a few years during the birthday of a blue hedgehog, I have watched two birthday episodes of AoSTH. This stopped last year.
- Also a couple of New Years Eves, I would watch Trading Places and when it gets near the new Year I would play on Metal Slug X. I didn't manage to have time last year though.

Yeah, sad I know.
My family goes to this really run down Chinese restaurant every other Saturday for the $5 all you can eat buffet.

Don't knock religion here, but my family has always met on every Wednesday and Saturday night for a family Bible discussion.