Full Version: Spambot ahead of time warning
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At Dykg we had a spambot advertising a youtube channel that went by nukemdukem and nukemdukemz. So, expect that.
And with that, a suggestion. Have a few day time period when new mwmbers can't post links. We have that on another forum I go to and spammers aren't as abundant anymore.
He's been IP banned...from DYKG but this forum. Dunno. Alerting everyone does give him more attention though.
Cody without his modding powers?! What is this madness!
(03-17-2013, 06:22 AM)Mass Distraction Wrote: [ -> ]Cody without his modding powers?! What is this madness!

Oh no, I'm powerless, all that rage everyone has been holding against me is about to be unleashed and I'm powerless to stop them.
Aww, you got them back already... And here I was handing out torches to everyone.
We will deal with the spammers when they come, we have more members here who are active so who knows.
No spam yet? Let's fix that.

[Image: spam.gif]
I remember in the IRC chat tSR used to have, our spambot would automatically kick anyone who said Atomic Betty.