Full Version: Majora's Mask's last area
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I need to ask for someone's help finding out if this is true. Like the title says it deals with spoilers for the last area.

So can someone help me with this. I am willing to give it to anyone if they really want it. I just want to know if this rumor is true or not.
I've never seen a Gossip Stone in the meadow.
Any idea where?
The meadow is meant to create the shape of the Gossip Stone. The eye is the tree and the shape of the meadow makes the rest of the eye and possibly even the mouth and eyelash triangles. Like I said it takes the use of something to get you up high to get an over head look.
I'm looking through the player's guide for a map of that area and there wasn't a real overview, I would recommend using a emulator and debug rom and look yourself.
Let me reiterate. I have heard that if you look down at the meadow in the final area from high up, you can see the image of a Gossip Stone in the out line.

Since I have not seen the picture in so long, none of the guides show the picture of the field from overhead, and I do not have the know how to use cheats on an emulator/ have the software for one nor do I have a game genie/cheat devise, I can't figure it out on my own. I want someone who can do ether one to help me out and make sure I'm not making this up.
I browsed around the web and found a post on NeoGAF describing this:


There is actually another instance of this in the game. If you look from the Astral Observatory's telescope towards the south entrance of Clock Town, you can see an impression of Skull Kid in the grass:

[Image: majora_mask.jpg]
I have to say that I was expecting a lot more from this. So basically, it's just an outline of the mask of truth. I am a little disappointed at the end result, but nothing we can do. Tanks for finding it for me.