Full Version: Worst minigames ever made?
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I figured this topic deserves its own thread, what minigame do you guys think is f*cking awful?

I hate everything about the Pokeathalon dome in Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold, that shit's hard, unforgiving and not entertaining at all.

Your argument is invalid.
[Image: neighborhood-games-nintendo-wii-d-201111...41711w.jpg]

All of it.
Oh god the Space Quest IV burger game.
Jeeeeeeeeeeesus Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiist it's so booooooooooooooooring.

It would be the Autoshop in Bully for PS2 for me. The other things, I got finished and done with pretty easily, but I cannot progress any further in the game because how ridiculously strict this 3 minute long quick time event you have to do 5 times (assuming you pass it each time) makes itself.
I hated the hacking in Bioshock. Especially when it became literally impossible to solve and I had no choice but to fail and try again...repeatedly.
I think I've wiped my memory of the worst ones. I seem to have a vague memory of getting seriously frustrated over one but for the life of me I just can't remember what game it was from.
All the ones that you guys said I liked...
Except Space Quest 4. Never played it.
Most of the mini games in Leisure Suit Larry Manga cum laude. I dont blame Al Lowe for stating he wishes to get his money back.