Full Version: Mickey Mania (Genesis)
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So, I was visiting The Cutting Room Floor and I came across a game called "Mickey Mania: The Timeless adventures of Mickey Mouse" for sega genesis.

Apparently if you get a japanese version of the game and insert it on a non-japanese console you will get this message: "Developed for use only with NTSC Mega Drive Systems" and you will be unable to play. BUT, if you find a way to change your console to a japanese Mega Drive (Via emulator or a mod), you will get the following message: "Oh...This machine has some how become an NTSC Mega Drive System" and then you will be able to play.

Hope this is a good piece of trivia.
Source: The Cutting Room Floor.
Sorry, I though that this part was for submissions, at the time I posted the big "DO NOT POST SUBMISSIONS HERE" wasn't there yet.