Full Version: Wondering how to word this, and if it's a good trivia submission.
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Many of you may know the terrible soundtrack Richard Jacques made for Sonic Chronicles, however this was not his fault.

As seen here, it's because he was not familiar with the software

Anyhow, I'm wondering. Is this a good trivia submission? I mean some people may think the music was good, although it's universally known that it was terrible, but it gives insight to why the soundtrack sounded sub-par.

Also, how would I word this so it can be read correctly? I don't really want to waste moderators time for this, when a user could possible help with half the time.

Right now, I'm thinking.

Quote:The reason for the OST sounding terrible was because Richard Jacques did not understand how to use the software he was given, and no one could give him help as the deadline for the game grew closer.

So, could anyone help with this?
Try something like this

Quote:Richard Jacques (the creater of the game's soundtrack) was unable to make the music sound the way he wanted. This is because he did not understand how to use the software given to him, coupled with the fact that deadline was so short that no one could help him learn how to use it.

It's still a little weirdly worded but it's better.

Also, word to the wise, it's not a good idea to say something is terrible. It's more of a opinion term unless you can prove it, like Superman 64