Full Version: Pokemon fact thatll knock your socks off!!!!
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Of a slight amount of the Nintendo DS (2004) the games Pokemon Red version and Pokemon Blue version were playable on the system. The only reason i know this is because my friend had Pokemon Blue Version and i was able to play it on their Nintendo DS (2004) but i was unable to play it on my own.
Got a digital example, maybe video?
Try submitting this here:

Also, having some sources would be useful. Exactly what he said ^

Directly states that DS can not play original Game Boy games, only GBA games. There are multiple youtube videos that supposedly show how you can play them on it, but I personally think they are faked. I want a real, credible source.
I just tried it with a bunch of my GBC games for the heck of it (Blue, Silver, Crystal) and the games don't even fit in the GBA slot. I don't wanna break the things so I ain't gonna force them in.
My socks are still thoroughly in place.
(09-09-2013, 06:22 AM)Psychospacecow Wrote: [ -> ]Got a digital example, maybe video?

idk if there is one and i know my friend lost their blue and idk if they even have their ds anymore plus this was in 2005 and i wasnt as big of a Nintendo Freak in 2005, I WISH I THOUGHT OF THAT THEN
Well, until you can prove it with source outside word, we can't really use this man.