Full Version: Edits to trivia?
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I've submitted a few things to the VGFacts site over the past couple of months, and I'd like to apologize a bit for some of the trivia I've posted, mainly in the way several things have been worded. This has recently occurred to me on one of my recent contributions of trivia for the 13th Touhou game, Ten Desires. I'd like to add just a few notes about specific entries to games and some mistakes I've made in phrasing them, since I'd like to keep things a bit accurate. I'm wondering if it would be possible to make edits to these entries if I find places where my grasp on the English language starts to loosen.

Stuff to note:

General stuff for the Guilty Gear series:
- I'm not sure if I should be going by the official terminology on certain aspects. Since I tend to use the terms "Destroy Move" and "Instant Kill" interchangeably, I have no idea if this would become an issue in later contributions.
- For Daisuke Ishiwatari's contribution as Sol Badguy's voice in the games, it occurred to me that I was only counting the fighting games. Jouji Nakata also voiced Sol in Guilty Gear 2: Overture and in Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus's story scenes. I don't know if this mistake will be an issue, but perhaps the phrasing could be changed to "Voiced the character in the main fighting games up until Guilty Gear Xrd.

Game: Guilty Gear
- EX Order Sol's moveset is actually nearly identical; While fooling around, I forgot that he has a move mapped to a back quarter-circle and Slash that Sol didn't have in the first Guilty Gear title.

Game: Touhou Koumakyou ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
- I said that it's possible the cut "Rin Satsuki" character could have been a Kirin or a nurse. The "nurse" claim is actually present in EoSD's script, and I think that saying "or" could be a bit confusing.

Game: Touhou Shinreibyou ~ Ten Desires
- I mistakenly say that "it's possible that Miko's theme doesn't have a Spirit World version." It blatantly doesn't in game, I just worded it terribly.

This may come across as something of a minor concern, but since I'd like to mask the fact that I'm a semi-literate idiot with a keyboard and a bunch of dumb Japanese games, I'm wondering if it would be possible in the future to edit the wording on some of the above cases. I'm looking forward to contributing more gaming trivia to the site in the future, but I should probably be a bit more careful on how I phrase things next time. Sorry about that!