Full Version: F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate
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About the Trivia:
Quote:In Intreval 07, by using God-mode to get to the bottom of an elevator shaft, one can find "I suck at making maps" written on a wall.


There is a similar message in the N64 version of Doom.
According to the developers of Doom64 this is a technique for texturing the levels.

[Image: doom64.jpg]


"Question #18
One of the textures we discovered in the game code had the message "I suck at making maps", what's the story behind this?

hahahahm. Yeah... no comment. Would love to, but, won't.

fine. i'll comment. Artist creates textures. We create levels. Level no have texture, level tells us so. Basically, one of us missed texturing that spot. Who was it? Probably me."


I also found this:

Source of the interview:

ps: So is this easter egg a technique used by F.E.A.R's developers or a reference?
Ha, that's awesome; you should submit these to the site!