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Silent Hill Downpour trivia - Xannidel - 03-16-2013

A) In Silent Hill Downpour as you work your way through Silent Hill you learn that having a harpoon can help you reach some emergency ladders that lead to either key locations or other awesome things. One such awesome thing is that in Pearl Creek at Lansdale Avenue, Murphy can visit Henry Townshend's apartment:

Murphy's visit
[Image: Silent-Hill-Downpour-The-Room-Tribute.jpg]

Silent Hill 4's apartment
[Image: Silent-Hill-4-The-Room.jpg]

B) In Silent Hill Downpour, every door is double hinged:
Not exactly proof but still a funny shot I managed to take: [Image: 006jli.jpg]

C) If the player puts money in the jukebox at the Devil's Pitstop diner, it will play the original Silent Hill theme song, heard in the opening FMV of the original game. This is also the song that DJ Ricks plays when he and Murphy meet.

D) Downpour is the only Silent Hill game to NOT have a hospital level.

RE: Silent Hill Downpour trivia - Dazz - 03-16-2013

You should be posting things like this to the main site itself so that we can accept them! :P

RE: Silent Hill Downpour trivia - Xannidel - 03-16-2013

I did what I did...
Anywho I will do that :P