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Animal Crossing Trivia - Koopaul - 03-16-2013

Hey i noticed there is no Animal Crossing Trivia up yet... well there's a lot that isn't up yet. So I want to share some trivia with you.

Did you know Farley, the hairy character who gives you the Golden Axe in the original game, is likely based off of the Pangu myth? Pangu is a Chinese myth about a big hairy man who created the universe by separating Yin and Yang with his mighty axe.

[Image: 200px-Farley_zpse4ad0d36.png][Image: 1149f99b-bc73-4cc3-bec0-93de49d3447c_zps443b63c3.jpg]

Did you know that Gyroids are based off Haniwa? Haniwa are clay figures that were buried with the dead in the 3rd to 6th century. If the player resets their game while in another town in Animal Crossing, they will begin with a gyroid face the next time they play. Coco is a rabbit villager who strongly resembles a gyroid.

[Image: images_zps971fa6b8.jpg][Image: 5c5fdba0-7c5c-4555-a3bd-d2e1dd90557d_zps6485965c.jpg]

RE: Animal Crossing Trivia - RayMonkay - 03-16-2013

The gyroids always creep me out....Their faces are just so weird....

RE: Animal Crossing Trivia - Petie - 03-16-2013

You're a member so there's no need to pre-post things here. Simply add the game and trivia you'd like to see!