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Game and Watch Handheld Trivia - Pogue-Mahone - 07-06-2014

These two revolve around the Donkey Kong Game and Watch Handheld.

[Image: 1024px-Nintendo_Donkey_Kong_Game_and_Watch.png]

1. The Donkey Kong Game and Watch handheld was the first Nintendo product to feature the Directional Pad.

Not the first system EVER to feature a D-Pad, but the first time Nintendo used their own Directional Pad on a Nintendo Product. They actually have a patent for their D-Pad.

Patent US4687200 A - Multi Directional Switch:

[Image: US4687200-1.png]

[Image: US4687200-2.png]

[Image: US4687200-3.png]

Question for Mods: Would Nintendo having a patent on their D-Pad be worth a submission to the site?

2. Nintendo Game Designer Makoto Kano used makeup compacts to help develop the hinge design for the Game and Watch Handhelds.

Izushi: We made it folding because it was important that players could play it anywhere.
Kano: I went to buy compacts for reference.
Iwata: Compacts? Like for makeup?
Kano: Yeah. To research a hinge for connecting the lower and upper screens. They're still in my desk drawer! (laughs)
Izushi: You've still got those compacts? Kano-san, your ability to keep stuff is astounding! (laughs)
Kano: The bottom container parts are gone, but the mirrors are still there. I made the multiscreen using those as reference.