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Trouble at Microsoft
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Quote:Basically, tons of reviewers/journalists are on Facebook/Twitter making hints at something very damaging. Microsoft isn't allowing any reviewers to make PS4 vs. Xbox One comparisons, nor are they handing out Xbone versions of games for reviews. Xbox One reviews are embargo'd until Noon on launch day.

From what I've read on Twitter, NeoGAF and other sources, basically, the console's ESRAM is this generation's Cell CPU. It makes games harder to develop for, which is resulting in a lot of multiplatform games being in lower resolutions, slower frame rates, and lower textures.

Sessler's tweet

Arthur Gies
That's odd, but understandable. Yet at the same time, trying to do a mass cover-up like this simply never works and only makes things much worse.

And from what I can understand, it seems that the ESRAM is the next-gen form of the PS3's cell processing muck up.
Easier to Developer for > Better hardware

This happened with the PS1 and the Saturn, and the 360 and the PS3.

It's understandable why they wouldn't, but they shouldn't have done this since they've sort of made the problem much bigger, even though if PS3 players could deal with this, Xbox One players could as well, without all this drama over it.
Microsoft has been playing this song since they announced the console earlier this year.
Microsoft is giving another reason for gamers to hate them. They wont allow comparisons between XBone and Ps4, but the comparisons will still be made regardless if they like it or not. If Microsoft still made games for the 360 rather than put their money into a console that has given them a bigger middle finger more than the middle finger that the Twilight series has. They would have avoided the never ending backlash they are getting on the console they are now focusing on.

Possibly(to me) is the biggest betrayal to gamers since Microsoft bought Rare only to put them in the grave from Nintendo.

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