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I was Going to Post this
*I know I talked about this in the Site Discussion, but this place seems better enough to talk about it, the Trivia Disputes Discussions.
*I was going to post this Trivia about the Super Mario Maker Submission. I've waited to have to submission approved since December, as you can see in the Screenshot attached, and I'm not going to be deleting it from my Pending List, I'll be waiting for a Private Message about it like my Other Submissions, and I send a Private Message to the Contributor about that, which included heads uping him on me posting this. Having a Piece of Trivia from Super Mario Maker has been one of my Trivia Goals, with atleast 2 Submissions from me for that game. That submission doesn't even look good enough compared to mine: A) No Screenshot of the Title Screen, B) It doesn't even mention what tapping each of the letters does, seriously look at the Mario Paint Submission Page:
*Trivia mentioning what tapping the letters for that does, and look at my Own Submissions, of course it's a good idea to mention that:
*And C) It's not necessary to say that it may be a reference to Mario Paint, so are many other things like the Gnat Attack Minigame, so that last sentence shouldn't even be there. In fact, the mentioning of the game starting as a Revamped Mario Paint was already mentioned in another submission:

That submission I've been willing to have posted is part of my 27 Pending Submissions going far back as November, hardly anyone understands that I have a goal of how many trivia I end up with before I'll wrap things up with my Submissions:
*Sorry, but thing's have not been very easy for me on VGFacts recently.

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The admins and mods are busy doing other stuff and don't always have time for accepting/rejecting trivia. Plus there are hundreds if not thousands of trivias waiting to be submitted so they can't submit everyone's trivia in one day or even a week. I understand that you've been waiting months for your trivia to be posted and I'm in in the same situation as you. I some have submissions still pending since November. Patience is key.
I won't reiterate what has already been said numerous times by the admin.

Thread Locked.

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