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General Anime/Manga/Otaku Thread
A friend lent me his Serial Experiments Lain DVD set. I'm five episodes in and I still have no friggin' clue about what's going on. This series keeps getting weirder by the episode.
I will have to check Lain, I listened to the opening so many times.
If you guys haven't seen it, there's a fantastic anime movie I try to encourage everyone to watch by the name of Tekkon Kinkreet. It's about two kids who try to protect their city from a group of organized criminals, and as extremely generic as that premise is, the movie itself rises far above it. For one, the art style is god damn gorgeous, and far removed from the typical anime big eye boobufestu I'm sick of. I've posted some screenshots below, give them a scan and, hopefully, they'll peak your interest. It does a great job of making you feel for the characters as well, even minor ones and criminals have motivations and problems that the film presents you with.

Sure the ending is a bit wonky and a few scenes aren't the most relevent nor the most well written, but all in all, as a guy who doesn't typically get into anime, I teared up and feared up for Tekkon Kinkreet.

Here's some screenshot anime porn the urge to blast hentai in your face right now is ohhh so tempting.

EDIT: Someone posted some really fucked up graphic anime murderporn shit here, goddammit. well go google some screenshots yourself if you're interested, I'm getting the hell out of this forum.

[Image: x867OdY.jpg]
What exactly happened? :D

Anyway, I've seen the movie. It was on TV once but I don't seem to recall much of it. I do remember the art style, though.
(12-28-2014, 09:43 AM)TheTrueBoss997 Wrote:
(12-23-2014, 01:19 AM)Kai Wrote: Any Psycho-Pass fans here? I just finished the first season and I really loved it.

I recently seen it back in September and I really enjoyed it, it's dark, mysterious and all the characters are fantastic. Watched a couple of episodes of season 2 on Hulu and so far it's been okay, hoping it gets better later episodes.

I agree. I love the way the characters challenge the Sybil system in all these unpredictable ways. Fantastic overall.

(12-28-2014, 09:43 AM)TheTrueBoss997 Wrote: Plus that last opening theme of season 1 is freaking awesome!!

Anybody else really like Parasyte: the maxim? It's one of my favorite anime of 2014. I especially love its opening.
Are there any fans of Kill La Kill on here?
Thank you Japanese animation for including unneeded nudity at very random points. Now I'll have to explain why I love Robotech so much and bought The Macross Saga on DVD and that it's not just a bunch of shower scenes after the idle intro to the DVD just plays the one shower scene in the second episode over and over and over to my family...
Just saw the Certain Magical Index movie. basically a three episode saga. Not bad but its the same old shtick from the show

Yeah pretty much.

Still, I can't bring myself to hate anything To Aru, even if looking back the movie wasn't that great.
Tokyo Majin is what Bleach should have been
Bleach burned me hard.

The series is quite bad too.
Guys, if you haven't read Hive yet, you need to get on it.

It's actually starting to get pretty damn good, the MC and his group are
and it's really well done.

I've talked about it before, but it's basically a zombie apocalypse except the zombies are replaced with huge wasps, bugs, flies and other insects that are trying to wipe out humans. The MC and his group are trying to get to Seoul to stop this from spreading to the whole world (it's currently in South Korea)

The cast is also pretty good, you've got your headstrong, courageous, main character who is actually pretty fucking smart for once, working out things really quickly and creating weapons to take out the wasps. You've got a co worker he saved, who is basically similar to the main character but is more of a secondary character with similar traits but not as proficient, and probably the best character in the entire thing the grizzled old man who's been preparing for this shit from day one. He knows how to use flamethrowers, carries round weapons and knives, and can fight around three people who are more than half his age and still come out on top. He's pretty reckless. right now in the story
but damn, is he a badass.

If you guys want an action packed manga with some stealthy sections and an overwhelming enemy for them to fight, read Hive.

I won't link it just in case some rule is preventing me from doing so, but just google "Hive Manga" and you should find it.
The only disappointing thing about Gangsta is that it doesn't seem to be about gangstas at all.

Yeah....... I'm loving this stream.

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