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Would you like to see animation studios make PG13 and R rated cartoons for the cinema
I haven't looked into this 'Sausage Party' movie much, so I can't really comment on the specific example. But what I will comment on, Cool, is this particular line of yours:
Quote:[...]and Sausage Party was the best they could do out of all the pitches that were pitched to the studios?

You bring up a really interesting point. There are plenty of popular adult cartoon franchises out there in the television format, either in recent years or currently playing. The biggest one I can think of is Archer. It's very popular from what I understand and has recently either been renewed for a 7th season or has started its 7th season. So why not an Archer movie?

I will say though that your remarks definitely show the different between the East and the West. If you look up a list of R-rated animated movies almost all of them are Anime movies, Akira, Jin-Roh, Appleseed, Patlabor, etc. The Western animation titles on such lists are either an animated tie-in/spin-off to something that was already rated adultish or something that's on the list because it has animated stuff in it but is still primarily/partially live-action (like Cool World). The few exceptions are, as you said, Seth Macfarlane type of stuff or the Heavy Metal series, really; or independent stuff. And y'know, that South Park movie, of course.

Now, like I said with the Archer idea - and as you touched on with the Fritz the cat info - I think the best chance is to get take IP that would work well as an R-rated animated film.

You seem to be passionate about this issue, Cool, can you think of any IPs that would make good animated films? I don't...actually have TV so I don't really have a whole lot of personal resources to draw on. =/

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