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Would you like to see animation studios make PG13 and R rated cartoons for the cinema
I want to revise something that I said in a previous thread. I think the adult comedy is a dieing art. When someone says R rated comedy, I'm thinking Animal House and the Blues Brothers. When I think of comedies that came out in the 2000's/10's? Borat and it's series of films, Wedding Crashers, and Scary Movie and IT'S series of sequels and spin-offs and copy cats. None of these even hold a candle to the likes of the National Lampoon series (which I might add was remade, but I've never seen it and nobody talks about it any more.... or at all). It's gotten so bad that I had to be reminded of Zombie Land and The Hangover (the later I thought was going to be like any other adult comady, but liked once I saw it), but then I had to remind them about The Hangover II, which while not being a bad movie out right, shows that Hollywood needs to try harder.

It honestly surprises me that good PG-13 com are easier to find. Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Pirates of the Caribbian, Anchorman, Bruce Almighty, and The Simpsons movie, and that's just limiting myself to the 2000's/10's. I could bring up Back to the Future, Men in Black, Forest Gump, Mrs. Doubtfire, Austin Powers, The Mask (one of my favrate movies) and many, many others, but I think I made my point. So why is it easier to make a PG-13 movie then it is to make one rated R? Maybe it has something to do with sex, drugs, and alcohol (the concepts, not the song). I looked up two lists for this reply: one for PG-13 movies and one for R-rated ones, but I kept getting Sex comedies. Are we engraved to look for sex and drugs in R movies?

I bring up comedies because if we are to get more R rated animated movies, they are going to be comedies (as shown with Sausage Party). This would be a double edged sword as we would be getting more adult movies that can be good but are most likly going to have the South Park, Family Guy, and Amarican Pie type of humor that is ruining the Adult Comedy. If we are going to get more adult animations, I would just drop the idea of ever making animated comedies. We could easily make a great movie out of drama, action, or any other genre.

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