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Good, Bad, or Ugly...I mean Neutral...
So, when given the choice in vidya games, who are you usually

The Good Guy?
The Bad Guy?
Or the Neutral Guy?

For me, I'm always the good guy, finding other way around situations, killing people if I have to, and of course choosing the most heroic choices I can. I can never really be bad unless someone does something to me and makes me angry or annoyed and I just have to kill them.

Oh, but I do steal things if I like them, and at the beginning of the game, because I need new stuff, and I like new things.

Whenever I do play the bad guy, it's usually for achievements, or for a different playthrough, but not on my first.

It's why I can't way for the next Fallout. Fallout NV was fun, and I hope 4 will be too.

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Good, Bad, or Ugly...I mean Neutral... - by retrolinkx - 03-31-2013, 05:12 PM

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